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A variety of 42" NG locomotives and rolling stock from various countries around the world


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The Chilean Nitrate Railways

TRS2004 / TRS2006





The background of the Kitson Meyer Locomotives in Chile.

Chile lies on the Pacific coast of South America and is a long narrow country running down a coastline that in places allowed a narrow band of populated areas between the sea and the high desert plains. During the latter part of the 1800s and up to the middle of the 1900s, Chile was a source of Sodium Nitrate used as a fertilizer and also as a constituent of some explosives. To reach the nitrate mining and refining areas the railways faced a difficult climb up the Western slope of the Andes. In the case of the Anglo Chilean Nitrate and Railway Company, their locomotives faced a climb of17 miles of continuous 1 in 25 gradients combined with curves as tight as 181 ft minimum radius. Adding to the difficulties, these lines ran where it very seldom rains, and water was mainly obtained by distillation of sea water.

The Anglo Chilean Nitrate and Railway Company later became the FerroCarril de Tocopilla al Toco (FCTT), and the other railway was the FerroCarril Taltal (FCT). These two companies used 3' 6" gauge Kitson Meyer articulated locomotives, very capable machines that could haul 125 ton trains up-grade. These were not small operations; the FCTT is reported to have had a total of 38 locomotives of varying types including 13 Kitson Meyers. The Taltal reportedly had 15 Kitson Meyers and ran 15 trains a day to the nitrate fields.

The Kitson Meyer form of articulation was very popular in South America for work in difficult terrain. Kitson made 78 of this type of locomotive and the greater majority was used in South America. The prototype for the FCTT was made in 1894 and is represented by the locomotive in works grey livery. The other two were made later although it is considered possible that Taltal #61 may have been one of the earlier deliveries to the FCTT.

These locomotives would be very much at home on a route with steep grades with tight curves, sandy rocky countryside, very few trees and sparse vegetation. The passenger cars were used to connect to the Chilean Longitudinal Railway (FCNG), a metre gauge line which ran almost the length of Chile on the high 'pampa'.

The Bagged nitrate models are very high poly and are not suited to long trains in populated areas, use them wisely. The tank cars and freight car are imagineered as being most likely to have been made locally using the basic gondola frame and wheels. The caboose was made from a very long distance photograph. I have no information about what the FCTT would have used but I expect that the stock would probably have been similar. There are interiors with cab views in the green Taltal locomotives, the passenger cars and the caboose.

To answer the inevitable question, the rear stack is only for steam from the rear unit. The ones I have modelled were oil fired.

Finally, my gratitude to Ben Neal who so capably dirtied-up the #54 locomotive. Thanks, Ben, better than I could do.








by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)



kuid 44700:960

fctt_10_tank_loco.cdp  (0.7 mb)



Number 59 ...... kuid 44700:959

taltal_59_tank_loco.cdp  (0.8 mb)


Number 61 ...... kuid 44700:961

taltal_61_tank_loco.cdp  (1.4 mb)


Number 54 ...... kuid 96914:954

taltal_54_tank_loco.cdp (4.8 mb)






kitson_meyer_steam_bogies.cdp (1.7mb)

kuid 44700:509591
kuid 44700:509592
kuid 44700:509593
kuid 44700:509594

taltal_hornsounds.cdp (0.6mb)

kuid 44700:54959







by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)



kuid 44700:19968

kuid 44700:19964

kuid 44700:19962

taltal_bag_and_bulk_loads.cdp  (3.0 mb)


kuid 44700:19960

kuid 44700:19961

kuid 44700:19965

taltal_gondolas_and_flat_cars.cdp   (3.5mb)



kuid 44700:19966

taltal_freight_car.cdp   (1.4 mb)



kuid 44700:19967

taltal_brake_van_caboose.cdp  (0.5mb)




kuid 44700:19968

kuid 44700:19969


taltal_passenger_cars.cdp  (0.7 mb)

kuid 44700:19968



kuid 44700:19970

kuid 44700:19971


taltal_tank_cars.cdp  (4.2mb)

kuid 44700:????






Australian Originals

TRS2004 / TRS2006





The Kitson ladies


It took me a long time to accept that 42 inch gauge was narrow gauge but when I fell in love with these two beauties I had to change my mind.

The wood burning GR 1 spent much of itís life in the north of Western Australia, and then spent the rest of itís days hauling logs in the forests in the south of the state.

The other one of my girls, the B12 spent her life up in Queensland, starting off as wood fired engine, hence the smoke stack, and was later converted to coal burning. The model represents the in-between stage before the smoke stack was replaced.

I hope you enjoy their company.







by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)



Loco: kuid 44700:106

Tender: kuid 44700:1066

queensland_railways_b12.cdp (1.0 mb)

Loco: kuid 44700:105

Tender: kuid 44700:1056

wa_great_northern_railway_g2e.cdp (1.2 mb)





The Tiny New Zealander

TRS2004 / TRS2006



42_in_small_nz_loco.cdp (0.5 mb)

kuid 44700:91




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