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This page is provided for other modellers, who have used TRAINZONE Payware scenery items, to display screenshots of their layouts which they have uploaded to the AURAN's TRAINZ download Station and which are available to download from there.

These layouts all contain TRAINZONE payware scenery items and, while these layouts are free downloads, you will require all (or some) of the TRAINZONE payware content to experience the layout as the creators intended them to be.


TRAINZONE has no responsibility for the contents or modelling standard of these layouts. They are ENTIRELY the work of the individual modelers. However they have been accepted by Auran for inclusion on the Download Station and, as such, they have passed Aurans standards.


Please note that some of the downloads are linked to the Auran Download Station and only available for free download by registered users of TRAINZ


Ongarue ....

Maine Central.....

NZR (New Zealand Rail) Johnsonville Line.....


N.Z.R. Ongarue bush and N.I.M.T. route

A route-build for Trainz TRS2010 version 41615 and later (runs in TS12)

by Trevor Burt (a.k.a. Fender849)




1: TRAINZ TS2010 or TS12

The Ongarue layout will run in TRAINZ TS2010 and TS12 (but NOT TS2009)

(The route and sessions perform best in TRS2010, but will also run it in TS12. (However it should be noted that, due to changes made to TS12, the sounds are better in TS2010)


2: TS:MURCHISON2 pre-installed

The ONGARUE layout makes extensive use of the TRAINZONE NATURE SERIES 1 & 2 assets, textures and also a number of other 3rd party assets that are included with the officially released TS:MURCHISON2 layout/program.

As such you will require TS:MURCHISON2 already installed into your TRAINZ TS2010 or TS12 installation to avoid missing payware Nature Series assets.


3: ADDITIONAL ASSETS (links below)

There are a number of additional 3rd party assets required for the ONGARUE layout. The additional assets are free downloads and can ALL be downloaded and installed using the FULL INSTALL link below.

Alternately, if you wish to avoid updating any assets that you may have already installed and updated, you can download and install the MINIMUM INSTALL link. (This download only includes the LAYOUT, SESSIONS and NEW ASSETS used in the ONGARUE layout.




Ongarue is situated approx. 25kms North of Taumaranui and what was once a busy township, is on the N.I.M.T. The towns demise began during the 1960s, when the Ellis and Burnand timber milling operation closed down after a bad storm had damaged a lot of its track beyond economic repair. This route-build covers the timber mill, the bush tram and camps which once existed. The main tram number 9 is now under the care of DOC and is being converted to a walkway. Also covered in this route-build is the main line section from Ongarue down to Taumaranui. I present this build as unfinished particularly in the bush section, so feel free to add to it if you wish. I have left the terrain DEM and track vector lines in place to make it easier.

The mainline section includes the Okahukura station and yards (now all but gone) and the Taumaranui station and yards as it was back in the 1960s era.








nz_ongarue_full.zip (74 Mb)



nz_ongarue_min.zip (26 Mb)




Maine Central

by Wayne Cook (Gandy-dancer)

New-2.JPG (56066 bytes)


Complete Maine Central route running Northeast from Portland to Skowhegan and Northwest to Berlin, NH - all mainline double track- About 30 interactive Sp2 passenger stations - many custom industries using both TRS and LARS Systems - now contains about all of its trackage in the 1960s era, Now including trackage contained within the central part of the state of Maine running up to Rumford/Jay Area to International Paper Co, one of it largest customers. Route is well over 200 baseboards in size and requires a decent sized computer to handle graphics. - Many new inter-related industries - an example is Dover Lumber company is a shrink wrap facility that wraps raw lumber from lumber mills that is then transported to a transfer facility in Berlin, NH for the long trip to points west. Others include Coastal Chemicals that provide sulfuric acid to paper industries; Complete Dairy handling facilities, etc. basically a double track double dog-bone route with many sidings with custom industries. For example - do the doughnut run (see the September issue of Virtual Railroader (feature story found at http://www.virtualrailroader.com/index.html ) - carry wheat to grist mill, pick up flour, carry flour to bakery, pick up general goods at bakery carry to distribution center to over the road semis - total miles about 70 and time involved 1.5 hours actual. New Additions: Forest fire in Central Maine Area caused by a hotbox; Many Maine unique industries such as B&M Beans, and Beach Cliff Sardines.

The route carries you through about 30 major towns and cities of Maine, with the typical flavor of the area, the islands on the coast to the northern reaches of Maine and New Hampshire. All passenger stations are SP2 interactive. All industries have interactive trackage either TRS Standard or LARS depending on product needs.

The setting of the Map -

Time and date: 10:00 AM Nov 19, 1965 - Thursday. Today's Weather: expect rain, drizzle and fog in upper elevations; with a chance of light snow in higher elevations of western mountains. High temp today is 42 F, with cloudy to partly cloudy skies - typical late November Maine Morning.




Pick on image to see an enlargement

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tz02.jpg (164576 bytes)

tz03.jpg (157048 bytes) tz04.jpg (153194 bytes)
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NZR (New Zealand Rail) Johnsonville Line

by Trevor Burt (a.k.a. Fender ) copyright © 2008



This route-build is a simulation of the prototypical-electrified route from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington to Tawa. The old section from Wellington to Johnsonville was once a part of the North Island Main Trunk, until 1938, when the new Tawa deviation was opened. The old section of line between Johnsonville and Tawa was removed shortly after the Tawa deviation opening, but the Wellington to Johnsonville section was retained to service the west suburbs. I have included both the old and present day routes with this simulation.


This route build requires Trainz 2006 with SP1 installed. (If you get a loading up error “cannot find map”, then you don’t have SP1 installed.)
This route is only small (approx 100 boards) but is quite well detailed, particularly in the Wellington station/yards area, so will require a good mid-high spec. computer to run smoothly.
Requires payware item “Nature series 1” available here ( as used in both the MURCHISON LOGGING and the MURCHISON STAGE 2 layouts)

I have endeavoured to build this route using assets which I have on my computer and only used the DLS when absolutely necessary. Those assets are in: Trainz 2006 default, Murchison stage 2 and Trainz Routes Volume 1 & 2.

From the DLS :

Trackside weeds/grass

bulletkuid 136383:3325
bulletkuid 136383:3326
bulletkuid 136383:3335
bulletkuid 136383:3336


bulletkuid 328583:1310
bulletkuid 136383:3201
bulletkuid 136383:3250
bulletkuid 136383:3365

Helicopter lift table by Vulcan

bulletkuid 2:60238:60012:1

Invisible track green 

bulletkuid 60238:37038

Invisible track red

bulletkuid 60238:37039

I recommend a visit to Vulcan’s site  http://www.ianztrainz.com.au/project6.htm for more information and instructions on the use of his helicopters and the lift table.

Aside from the above, you will require all my own creations, available as freeware by clicking on the links below

My creations:

bulletKuid 309161:100057 ...... NZR Johnsonville route .
bulletkuid 309161:100011 ...... NZR DM unit, blue.
bulletkuid 309161:100016 ...... NZR DM unit, red.
bulletkuid 309161:100013 ...... NZR D4 trailer, blue.
bulletkuid 309161:100015 ...... NZR D3 trailer, red.
bulletkuid 309161:100005 ...... NZR DM Pantograph.
bulletkuid 309161:100007 ...... NZR DM Bogie.
bulletkuid 309161:100035 ...... NZR Static Low poly D-DM refurbished.
bulletkuid 309161:100037 ...... NZR Static Low poly D-DM old.
bulletKuid 309161:100068 ...... Extension Ladder 75deg. X 26ft.


bulletKuid 309161:100020 ...... Session, Bus Tour.
bulletKuid 309161:100014 ...... Session, Helicopter Explore.
bulletKuid 309161:100019 ...... Session, Somes Rail Ferry.
bulletKuid 309161:100038 ...... Session, Train Tour.

I have introduced a new region for this route called “NZ Classic Cars” : kuid 309161:100030


You will need to download the new region plus these vehicles:

The classic vehicles :

bulletkuid 309161:100026 = NZR road services bus.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100024 = NZR ways and works bus.
bulletkuid 309161:100031 = Ford Escort Van.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100058 = Ford Escort Van 2(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100032 = Hillman Minx series 3.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100034 = Bedford J Truck.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100061 = Bedford J3 Truck.
bulletkuid 309161:100062 = Bedford J Towtruck.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100033 = Morris Minor series 2 sedan.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100059 = Morris Minor LCV series 2 van.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100060 = Morris Minor LCV series 2 plumbers van.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100063 = Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100064 = Morris Minor 1000 Truck.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100066 = Holden FC 1959.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100067 = Holden FJ 1955.(*)
bulletkuid 309161:100065 = Bedford TK5 Bread Truck 1962.
bulletkuid 309161:100070 = Bedford TK4 Milk Tanker 1962.
bulletKuid 309161:100069 = Austin A40 Farina.(*)

(*) = These vehicles are on the spawner. The rest are static only, but are still required for this route. If you wish to use this region for, say, an Australian route and don’t want the NZR bus, then delete kuid 309161:100026 from this region. The region file can take up to 15 vehicles.



English electric D-DM units in refurbished red and the blue and silver livery as first introduced into Wellington in 1938. I built these models originally for MSTS and converted them to run in Trainz .They are basic at this stage and are non-passenger functional. However, they do look the part in this route. On the plus,side they are low in polys : a 6 x car set is less than 20k., so 2 or 3 AI trains will not load down the route very much at all. ( some other loco’s alone are more than 20k.) I have set the cabin sway to 10 as these trains do tend to rock and roll a bit. While in cab view ( button 1 ) there are HOW and tracking views by pressing the { & } keys. They are usually connected in multiples, i.e. DM with pantograph and D trailer back to back with headlights facing away from each other. This makes one set. To make a longer train, they are connected as two or three sets, i.e. a 4 x car or 6 x car multiple set.

These static models are very low poly and can be placed in yards, etc. to offer a more realistic look.


I have created 4 x simple sessions to demonstrate this route:
These sessions are simplified and I recommend you drive the vehicles manually. Do not issue “drive to” commands.


  Session: Bus Tour



This session requires the single decker Daimler driveable bus and its dependanciesby Andi06, kuid 2:122285:605:3
I recommend a visit to Andi06 site @ www.ajsmith.nildram.co.uk/trs/ for more information and instructions for this bus. Also, some other great projects under way there.
I have placed track markers at the Wellington and Johnsonville bus terminus. These are there to activate the bus destination blinds, but will have to be set up.

To set up bus destination blinds:
bulletLeft click on “Surveyor”
bulletLeft click on “Bus Tour”
bulletLeft click on “load” and wait for session to load completely, could take a couple of minutes.
bulletLeft click on the “trains” icon, bottom button, or F7.
bulletLeft click on the ? properties, then left click on the bus.
bulletA properties menu will then open - Right click on “route selection”.
bulletEnter the “from”, “to” , “direction” , “start of route” and “terminus” as in the properties box pic above.
bulletLeft click on the green tick.
bulletHover the mouse icon arrow at the top left of the screen and the surveyor menu will drop down. Left click on “save”, then exit surveyor.

Now, when you enter the Bus Tour session in “Driver”, the bus will appear at the Wellington Station entrance and the destination blind will be displaying “Wellington”. As you drive forward to pick up your waiting passengers the blind will change to “Johnsonville”. When you drive to Johnsonville and approach the terminus, the blind will change back to “Wellington”.

To assist in driving the bus around the route, I have placed caution boards with a “turn left” or “turn right” sign. These have been placed wherever a sharp turn is coming up. Of course, the bus can only go that way, but the signs will alert you to slow down for the turn. See the pic Below.

I have used the same invisible track for the bus route and the ferry route. If you want these routes to show up on the map, then add this line to the “Track Invisible” kuid : -10:137 config txt. file :
<visible-on-minimap 1 >




  Session: Helicopter Tour


This session requires the Bell EP412 helicopter by Vulcan, kuid 2:60238:9499:1 and dependancies. I recommend a visit to Vulcan’s site @ www.ianztrainz.com.au/project6.htm for more information and instructions for this helicopter. Explore this route from the air.




  Session: Train Tour



This session requires my DM units ( which you should already have) and the NZR DX loco Kuid 80375:100016 = NZ-Trainz Rail 1. You will be driving a 4 x car 1938 blue multiple unit out of Wellington station, heading for Tawa via the Ngaio gorge.

Keep alert for the signals as southbound traffic is approaching you.Once at Tawa, hop trains into the waiting 6 x car multiple unit. Your drive back to Wellington is via the long tunnel, which burrows its way beneath Paparangi and Newlands.

Navigating the Wellington yard signals :
Quite frankly, setting up the signals in the Wellington yard proved to be a logistical nightmare. They do work, but occaisionally you may be confronted by a red light. I have used “permissive” signals where possible - this means you can proceed without penalty up to the next red signal. In most cases, however, you will get a red if the points (junction) between you and the next signal in the block are not set in your favour. If you move forward and set these points in your direction ( or set them on the minimap) then you will most likely be allowed a caution yellow or a green.




  Session: Somes Rail Ferry


This session requires the Rail Ferry TRS by Vulcan kuid 2:60238:9025:1
Please visit Vulcan’s site for more information and instructions for this vessel. You may want to add this line to the Rail Ferry TRS config. Txt file : <disable-exrta-track-sounds 1> As this vessel is a loco in disguise, it will generate the track click-clack sounds. This is not wanted on the water.

By adding the new disable line, it will eliminate the sounds.

The resident monkeys on Somes Island have eaten all the bananas and urgently require more.Your job is to transport an AB van load of fresh bananas to the Somes Island jetty. The session begins when you pick up your loco at the South Thorndon loco sheds. The pre-loaded AB van awaits in the adjacent South Goods 1 siding. Take your loco and AB van down wharf road ( AB Van in front of loco ) and load the van onto the rail ferry TRS which is berthed at Pipitea wharf. Make sure the AB Van is "docked" with the invisible coupling on the TRS Ferry. De-couple your loco from the AB Van and reverse back onto the wharf and leave it parked there.Transfer into the TRS bridge and reverse out on the wye. All the junctions - bouys - are set up for the entire trip. Transport your load to Somes Island jetty and unload using the jetty loco. Return to Pipitea wharf. The session ends when you return your loco to the South Thorndon loco sheds. Don't keep those monkeys waiting !



To install the route and accessories cdp files:

bulletI suggest you open your temporary folder and make a new folder - name it “NZJ “
bulletDownload all the required cdp files and place them in the NZJ folder.
bulletStart Trainz and select “Manage content”.
bulletSelect “Import cdp’s” top left hand corner.
bulletBrowse to and open the NZJ folder.
bulletMultiple select files.
bulletClick on open.
bulletOn the screen which opens up, select “view in main list”.
bulletRight click to display menu and “select all”.
bulletRight click again and select “edit” and then “commit” from the sub menu.
bulletFinally, once satisfied all is O.K., delete the NZJ folder.

Now here is your ticket to ride !



Questions and comments regarding this route can be discussed on the Auran Trainz discussion forums, “Freeware announcements” and look for “NZR Johnsonville Line”. You will need to be logged on to access the Freeware announcements section.

Known stock faults:

There are two points (junctions) in this route which work “inside out”, i.e. Switch to the right and the train goes left , vice versa. These points are Tawa deviation down and the entry to the rear unit workshops area, which I have named Vice versa junction. I have tried everything I know to correct this, but to date there’s no remedy - so it’s just the way it is.




for Trainz 2006 (Service Pack SP1 installed)

IMPORTANT!!  BEFORE installing the layout please make sure that you have read the instructions above.


Johnsonville LAYOUT


6 Mb


NZ Classic Car REGION




Johnsonville SESSIONS


302 Kb


Johnsonville TRAINS


1.2 Mb




9.3 Mb



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