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During the mid to latter days of the steam era the logging companies used a wide variety of mixed motive power. This section, while not strictly diesel, covers some of the different non-steam motive powers, that found their places on the Narrow Gauge logging lines.

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The Narrow Gauge Open Railcar

by Rich Blake (Slugmasher)

The Narrow Gauge Shunter

by Peter Pardoe-Matthews ("narrowgauge")

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GE 23 ton Boxcab Diesel - NG and SG

by Mike Davis (Whecsailor)


The NG Open Railcar

A real little Speeder

Railcar #10 originally built for the Diamond and Caldor Narrowgauge Railroad. Powered by a JX series Studebaker truck engine driving all 8 wheels through a heavy duty transfer case and bogey gearboxes. This railcar was built in the D&C shops by master mechanic Arlie Smith around 1921. It is capable of hauling 2-3 light freight cars and can be driven in cabin mode. Displacement 5tons, 100HP, top speed 30mph.

bulletModel by Rich Blake (slugmasher)
bulletTextures by R. Blake, P.Pardoe Matthews (narrowgauge) and Mike Sutton (sirgibby).
bulletExhaust smoke configuration and enginespec was coded by Bob Pearson.
bulletDriver model made by Shane Perriman (Cowboy)
bulletFace of driver is that of Mike Sutton (sirgibby).
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Diamond_and_Caldor_Railcar_10.cdp 2.6mb


SP3, UTC & TRS2004 compatible format



A Narrow Gauge Shunter

Introducing the Mouse, an engine with a history......

It happened that the owner of Murchison Logging, Sir Gibby, an expatriate from England, needed a locomotive to move loaded wagons between his mill sites. After a search he found this second hand and well used loco, originally made in Australia, and shipped it to Murchison. He liked it so much after it was overhauled by a skilled local mechanic, Gary Hoorn, that he often rode in it, driven by an ex convict from Australia, Peter Pardoe-Matthews (better known to his cell mates at Yard-Master prison as "NARRA" gage) . Even when the steam locomotives arrived, being driven around in the Mouse was his Sunday treat, dressed to the nines in his favorite Cowboy outfit made to order by Shane Permann, a prominent American tailor.

The author thanks Shane Permann and Gary Hoorn for their contributions to the little known history of this unique locomotive. ....."

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SP3, UTC & TRS2004 compatible format

36" gauge
36_in_small_diesel_loco.cdp - 5.3mb
24" gauge
24_in_small_diesel_loco.cdp - 5.3mb



GE 23 ton Boxcab Diesel - NG and SG - BETA RELEASE

The diminutive giant

GE 23 Ton Boxcab Diesel. Designed in 1938 as a simple yard shunter, these diminutive giants soon found themselves exported throughout the world. Serving long carriers in many mundane duties, a few are still to be found in South and Central America doing what they do best, anything and everything. Some even were converted to NG for various construction duties, and as prime motive power for NG shortlines.

Built 1938-1949
Powered by a H class diesel Cummins, 1200 and 1500 hp
Top speed, 15 mph on level ground.
Number made, uncertain, but 15 known for US markets ( records lost in 1952 fire.)
Number remaining, US - 2, worldwide, unknown.


Model By Mike Davis (whecsailor)


Some dependencies by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (narrowgauge)


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SP3, UTC & TRS2004 compatible format

standard gauge - beta release
GE 23 ton Standard gauge Boxcab Diesel.cdp - 3.0mb
36" narrow gauge- beta release
GE NG 23 ton Boxcab diesel beta.cdp - 3.0mb
required files for both versions

box_cab_dependencies.cdp - 3.6mb


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