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For versions TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3

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If you want to add even more realism to your layout with the use of our high quality nature textures.

Check out the NATURE SERIES 1 page for the 200 Textures "MIDDLE-EARTH SERIES"

Grass - bush - scrub - snow - mountain -

glaciers - cliffs - rock - sand - river - waterfall




The following textures are available for free downloading.

These are not my own textures but I found them especially good and have given them a Kuid and converted them to SP1.3 format.

In some case I have been unable to locate a source for them and in others, where the original author was known, I have obtained their permission to include them here. To download simply pick on the download button and follow the instructions.



forest1_sg.jpg (10409 bytes) scrub2_sg.jpg (13026 bytes) Sandstone1_sg.jpg (9997 bytes) Sandstone3_sg.jpg (12618 bytes)
kuid 47439:21679 kuid 47439:21676  kuid 47439:21669 kuid 47439:21667

   For TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3

CAFE ( Henk Plaggemars)

sg_s-coal01b-jpg.JPG (23856 bytes)     Coal texture

kuid 47439:21995

For TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3


ground.jpg (11324 bytes)     Ground texture

kuid 52597:21565

For TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3


Ground2_sg.jpg (9288 bytes)     Sand texture

kuid 47439:21557

For TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3


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