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Installation Guide & Tutorial

The Murchison County Stage 1 (M-logging) layout

A Narrow Gauge logging layout for TRAINZ TS2009, TRS2006 & TRS2004




The download files are supplied as packed ZIP files. (You will require WINZIP or another unpacking program to open the ZIP files)






bulletDownload and save the files into a storage directory (any name of your choice)




TRAINZ VERSIONS TRS2004 (auto-installer)



bulletSimply double-click the Murchison_logging.exe file. The installer will automatically insert the Murchison Logging layout and content into the correct TRAINZ directory. (If you have not installed TRAINZ in the default directory you will need to tell the installer where you have placed it when asked)
bulletOnce inserted you will find the layout listed under the name  Murchison M-Logging TRS2004b
bulletYou will find a base session with the industries set up. However you will first need to first go into SURVEYOR and place a loco and consist before going into DRIVER and running the layout.  (Save the new session under a different name of your own choosing to leave the original Base Set-up session as is.)
bulletA CLIMAX NG loco and some interactive LOGGING wagons have been included in the download if you have not yet downloaded any NG rolling stock.






(TS2009 is similar)



bulletOpen the file Murchison_stage_1-TRS2006.exe and follow the unpack instructions
bulletThe Murchison Stage 1 files have now been installed in the C: / TRAINZONE / Murchison_Stage_1 directory

(note that if you chose an alternate path during the installation this will no longer be the case)


If you are doing a full install of the MURCHISON STAGE 1 layout, and haven't already done so, then also unpack the NATURE SERIES 1 set before continuing as the following procedure will install ALL the files in one go.



bulletWhen the CMP (CONTENT MANAGER PLUS) window opens select the FILE pull down Menu
bulletThen select the Import CONTENT option

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bulletSelect the TRAINZONE directory where the content files are stored.

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bulletClick on the OK button and this will load all of the content into CMP
bulletSelect View in Main List

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bulletRight click to display menu and pick Select All

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bulletRight click again and go to Edit option and pick Commit from the sub-menu to allow the content to be used in TRS2006

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bulletYou can now launch TRAINZ TRS2006

If you would like to recover disk space you can now delete the files from the unpack directory.


Your Murchison Stage 2 TRS2006 installation will not be affected and you will still have the originally downloaded files should you need to reinstall them in the future






PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this is a marrow gauge logging route. As such it has steeper than normal inclines (generally 3-5 degrees but sometimes up to 6 degrees) and sharper curves.

The layout is designed for slow bush lockeys such as Narrow Gauges Climax,  Prowlers Shay, Whecsailors Dunkirk and Dirk Mewes Heisler that travel between 10-20 km\hr full speed.

Please don't get niggly at the lack of speed signs and signals - this is a rough and ready early 1900's bush line - where innovation and improvisation where the rule.



One of the strong points of the layout is the extensive use of textures to give the illusion of bush country. To this end I recommend experimenting with your PREFERENCE settings to obtain the highest quality to allow distance texture covers, scenery  and waterfall effects to perform well.

However this is obviously dependent on your machine specs and may be too high for individual users.

For best results the DRIVER preference settings should be set as high as possible. Here are the settings that I use:

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bulletTexture passes 3/4
bulletDetail Level 4/5
bulletDraw Distance 10/12


bulletDraw distance 7/12


bulletGood weather fog 2/7
bulletBad weather fog 5/11
bulletParticle effects 11/11

The higher the settings the better but just go as high as your system will comfortably handle - default settings are fine but texture on hills starts to display banding





Using M-LOG (interactive logging) facilities

The following is a brief description only


If you have difficulties or are still unsure then please first try searching the TRAINZ forum by entering "m-log" into the search field


If you are unable to find an answer there then please try posting a specific questions on the forum


If you are still having difficulty then please contact TRAINZONE




M-Log interactive logging operation was developed by Rich Blake (AKA Slugsmasher)

While Murchison Logging supports the M-Log interactive operation it is up to individual users to experiment and read TRAINZ documentation to fully understand their use and operation.


Included in the TRS2004 and TRS2006 downloads above are a number of M-Log wagons created by Rich Blake.

You can place these wagons on the track at the appropriate desired positions in TRAINZ SURVEYOR module.

Then, by right-clicking with the mouse on the individual wagons, you will be presented with choices of load types and whether the wagon is starting out loaded (to be unloaded at the Sorting Yard, Log dump or wharf) or starting out unloaded (ready to be loaded at the loading ramps, sorting yard or lumber yard)


If you are installing Murchison M-Logging TRS2004 then included in the Asset 8 & 9 downloads above are the various M-log industries

If you are installing Murchison M-Logging TRS2006 then the various M-log industries are already installed

- A pond Log Dump - (model by Rich Blake - AKA SLUGSMASHER)

- Log skids (capable of being set up with multiple logs BUT only one log length at a time) - (model by Rich Blake - AKA SLUGSMASHER)

- A dry sorting yard for unloading multiple log sizes and then reloading for transport to the mill or at the Main-line junction (model by Rich Blake - AKA SLUGSMASHER)

- An animated steam driven  "Decker log loader" for loading multiple log sizes - (model by Pierre Parissucy - AKA pierreparis)

By right-clicking with the mouse on these various models in the TRAINZ SURVEYOR module you can set the sizes and quantities of logs to load/unload


Murchison also uses other basic interactive industries for loading and unloading lumber and M-logs

Unloading the M-logs at the Pardoe Mill

At the Pardoe Mill you will find a section of track at the Mill unloading skid (the length of industry track is defined with a red Arrow at each end in the SURVEYOR module).

By right clicking on this track section you can adjust what size and quantity the mill will receive.

(in the "Murchison Base Setup" profile this has already been defined for you)

Cut Lumber

Also at both mills, on the Lumber-out side,  you will find lengths of track (defined with a red Arrow at each end). These track areas define the cut lumber loading quantities

Also at the MURCHISON wharf, just before the wharf starts,  you will find lengths of track (defined with a red Arrow at each end). These track areas define the cut lumber unloading quantities

By right clicking on this track section you can adjust what items/quantities will load/unload

(in the "Murchison Base Setup" profile this has already been defined for you)


By stopping your loaded/unloaded wagons at the various industry positions TRAINZ will automatically load/unload the content that it is set up to load/unload

If a wagon does not unload or unload as expected then the most likely cause is that you have not set that wagon or industry up to handle the specific log/lumber type desired (these MUST be set up in the Surveyor module)


The M-Log LOG DECKER model was created by Pierre Parissucy who has written his own full operating instructions. Please read the following link

Log decker




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