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MURCHISON 2 - 42" Gauge

For TRAINZ TS12, TS2010 and  TS2009

 Requires TS:MURCHISON2 installation


(updated to 42" by Bill Lapsley .. aka "BILL69")




The original Murchison layout is based on New Zealand landscape and uses New Zealand buildings and assets where possible. However, as this is similar landscape and architecture to pioneer rail routes in countries such as USA, Australia, Canada the layout was constructed using SG trackage.

Now, thanks to Bill Lapsley (bill69), the Murchison2 layout has been converted to create a 42" track version. This will allow the increasing range of NZR 42" gauge rolling stock to be run in their own home environment



Please note that the 42" version is based on the official TS:MURCHISON2 layout for TS2009, TS2010, TS12 and requires TS:MURCHISON2 to be installed on your PC. The download ONLY contains the necessary ADDITIONAL content.

If you do not have TS:MURCHISON it can be purchased as Digital Download ot on DVD HERE









 Trainz Simulator: Murchison 2 - 42"

..... for TS2009, TS2010 & TS12






 Four initial sessions included


The sessions included with Murchison2-42" ....

Murchison 42 intro session Logging session
Passenger and Stock Feed session Ore Session








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(uploaded 12-05-12)


  1. Unpack the downloaded files into a temporary folder.

  2. Start TRAINZ Content Manager

  3. Use the IMPORT CONTENT option on the FILES pull-down menu to import the content into TRAINZ


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