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Belgrave to Menzies Creek Section

--- 30" narrow gauge ---

TRS2004 / TRS2006

Trainz Route on the DLS by Peter Hilton (shadowline)

PB Belgrave to Menzies Ck

(kuid 51812:100814)

Locomotives and Rolling Stock on this page by Narrowgauge

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by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)


In my Trainz world, there are two types of people, there are those to whom narrow gauge is a way of life, and the great majority who don't know what they are missing.

To the non-narrow gaugers, here is your chance to find out why your life is so empty.

On the Trainz Download Station you will find a map by Peter Hilton that faithfully reproduces the first stage of the Puffing Billy Railway, the Belgrave to Menzies Creek section. To enjoy this to it's fullest you will need the locos and rolling stock below.

The actual track that has been modeled was started in 1899, opened in 1900 and ran as a working railway until 1958. Luckily, enthusiastic lovers of the line were able to take over responsibility for it and the rest is history. Puffing Billy Railway now runs every day except Christmas, using locomotives and rolling stock that ran on the line in the earliest days. The Garratt G42 never ran on the original line but after a massive restoration effort now runs with its smaller sisters for the pleasure of thousands of riders.

Peter Hilton and I have enjoyed bringing this to you, and hope that you will have pleasure from experiencing it.

Thanks are due to the following people in alphabetical order

Bjorn S:- tufftuff
David Drake: -dmdrake
Gary Hoorn:- Gary Hoorn
Gordon Ross:-Warzy7
Michael Sutton:- Sirgibby
Paul Pavlinovich:- Paulp
Peter Hilton:- pgh3
Rod Young:- Comtrain
Trainz Narrowgaugers:-





General points.

bulletAll the PBR locos are limited to 20 mph. (32kph).
bulletSpeed over bridges is limited to 5 mph.
bulletAn NA loco is rated to haul a maximum of 100 tons. This equates to 10 traincars. The Garratt can haul 200 tons, 20 traincars under the same track conditions.
bulletOn the PBR line all locomotives run funnel first FROM Belgrave to ensure that the water level is maintained over the firebox.
bulletAll the locomotives are right hand drive, following the standard set by the original Baldwin engines. Australian practice is left hand drive, but not on the narrow gauge lines.
bulletYou will note a similarity in the rolling stock underframes, the load for all the freight wagons is set at 10 Tons maximum.
bulletApart from some passenger cars, the stock is all the same length and runs on Fox type pressed steel bogies. The longer cars run on an extended bogie.


G42 Garratt

bulletYou will find that there is no steam sound, this is deliberate, as the Trainz sound engine could not handle the beat frequency at the higher speeds. 8 beats per revolution and 36 inch wheels are too much for it. If you are inclined to experiment, try using the NA sound
bulletWhen you assemble the Garratt, preferably place the Tank unit first and make sure that it correctly positioned, then add the Boiler unit with the funnel near the tank unit, finally add the Coal Tender unit, positioned so that the coupler is at the rear. Having done this make the complete loco into a consist for future use.
bulletThere is an interior for the Garratt, to use it you will have to click on the boiler to do so. There are no steam driving controls.


NA locomotives

bulletEach one has an interior, no steam driving controls.



bulletAll the locomotives have animated drivers that can be made to turn round and back by using the 'Pantograph' key. (Unfortunately they all look like me, can't help that).


A plug for Puffing Billy Railways

bulletConsider becoming a member, this doesn't involve working on the railway, but you get two free trips a year and a monthly magazine, and you will help this organization continue to give pleasure to thousands.



bulletI am always ready to consider changes or corrections to these model. I will also supply the Gmax files for anyone wishing to rework the appearance, or create new versions of the models. Somebody willing to make working steam cabs for the locos is a very good reason for me to supply the files. I hope you enjoy Peter Hiltons PBR map, and have pleasure running my rolling stock.








by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)


pbr_g42_loco.jpg (119409 bytes)


pbr_g42_loco (4.9mb)

kuid 44700:9205       kuid 44700:9294      kuid 44700:9206

pbr_7na_loco.jpg (131305 bytes)

kuid 44700:9307


pbr_8na_loco.jpg (124471 bytes)

kuid 44700:9308



pbr_12na_loco.jpg (124755 bytes)

kuid 44700:9312



pbr_14na_loco.jpg (129708 bytes)

kuid 44700:9314


pbr_na_locos.cdp  (2.7mb)

kuid 44700:9307      kuid 44700:9308

kuid 44700:93129      kuid 44700:9314


pbr_na_common_parts.cdp  (4.8mb)

kuid 44700:50222      kuid 44700:50223

kuid 44700:50224      kuid 44700:50225

kuid 44700:51205      kuid 44700:53205

kuid 44700:54205      kuid 44700:55307

kuid 44700:55308      kuid 44700:55312

kuid 44700:55314      kuid 44700:57201




by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (Narrowgauge)


Necessary download

Wagon Bogies

pbr_bogies.cdp (0.31mb)

kuid 44700 50226kuid 44700 50227

pbr_14nb_five_comp.jpg (123068 bytes)


pbr_14nb_five_comp.cdp  (0.28mb)

kuid 44700:18217

pbr_nbc_brake_van.jpg (121646 bytes)


pbr_nbc_brake_van.cdp   (0.35mb)

kuid 44700:18207

pbr_nbd_saloon_brake.jpg (128815 bytes)


pbr_nbd_brake_van.cdp    (0.75mb)

kuid 44700:18215        kuid 44700:18214

pbr_1nb_saloon.jpg (128597 bytes)


pbr_1nb_saloon.cdp  (0.1mb)

kuid 44700:18216

pbr_11nbhc_excursion_brake.jpg (126868 bytes)


pbr_11nbhc_excursion_brake.cdp  (0.28mb)

kuid 44700 18224

pbr_17nbh_excursion_car.jpg (128372 bytes)


pbr_17nbh_excursion_car.cdp  (0.36mb)

kuid 44700:18205

pbr_nc_brake_van.jpg (118318 bytes)


pbr_nc_brake_van.cdp  (0.51mb)

kuid 44700:18208       kuid44700:18210

pbr_220nqr_excursion car.jpg (123201 bytes)


pbr_220nq_excursion_car.cdp  (0.31mb)

kuid 44700:18213

 pbr_3nu_van.jpg (129727 bytes)


pbr_3nu_van.cdp  (0.22mb)

kuid 44700:18206

pbr_1nm_cattle_wagon.jpg (135158 bytes)


pbr_13nm_cattle_wagon.cdp  (0.28mb)

kuid 44700:18223

pbr_103nq_wagon.jpg (123880 bytes)


pbr_103nq_wagon.cdp  (0.22mb)

kuid 44700:18201

pbr_146nq_wagon.jpg (127913 bytes)


pbr_149nq_wagon.cdp  (0.23mb)

kuid 44700:18218

 pbr_26nq_wagon.jpg (121679 bytes)


pbr_26nq_wagon.cdp  (0.18mb)

kuid 44700:18219

2nk_trolley.jpg (140007 bytes)


pbr_2nk_trolley.cdp  (0.34mb)

kuid 44700:9210

 pbr_1nh_van.jpg (120087 bytes)


pbr_1nh_van.cdp  (0.24mb)

kuid 44700:18222

pbr_1nt_van.jpg (122350 bytes)


pbr_1nt_van.cdp  (0.25mb)

kuid 44700:18221

pbr_26nac.jpg (21759 bytes)


pbr_26nac.cdp   (0.40mb)

kuid 44700 18226

pbr_24nb.jpg (21569 bytes)


pbr_24nb.cdp (0.37mb)

kuid 44700 18227



(All of the above content in one zip file for those with high speed internet connection)



pbr_total_roster.zip (17.8mb)

kuids as above




PBR (Puffing Billy Railway) content by Peter Pardoe-Matthews (aka "Narrowgauge")

A .cdp file containing (only) the content created by Peter for the PBR railway.


all_the_pbr_stuff.cdp (1.0mb)


kuid 44700 23001

kuid 44700 23002

kuid 44700 23003

kuid 44700 23004

kuid 44700 23005

kuid 44700 23006

kuid 44700 23007


kuid 44700 23008

kuid 44700 28900

kuid 44700 38911

kuid 44700 38912

kuid 44700 28920

kuid 44700 28921

kuid 44700 28922

kuid 44700 28923

kuid 44700 28924

kuid 44700 28925

kuid 44700 28930

kuid 44700 28930

kuid 44700 38990

kuid 44700 38991


PBR (Puffing Billy Railway) tree content by David Drake (aka "dmdrake")

A ZIP file containing (only) the content created by David for the PBR railway

Instructions: Unzip directly into the ...\world\dispatcher\downloads\ folder. Install any .CDP and Trainz will find the new content.


dmdrakes_trees_for_pbr.zip (1.6mb)



kuid2 33404 5012344 2

kuid2 33404 5012706 2

kuid2 33404 5012707 2

kuid2 33404 5012708 2

kuid2 33404 5012709 2

kuid2 33404 5012710 2

kuid2 33404 5012711 2

kuid2 33404 5012712 2

kuid2 33404 5012713 2



kuid2 33404 5012714 2

kuid2 33404 5012715 2

kuid2 33404 5012716 2

kuid2 33404 5012717 2

kuid2 33404 5012718 2

kuid2 33404 5012719 2

kuid2 33404 5012720 2

kuid2 33404 5012721 2


kuid2 33404 5012722 2

kuid2 33404 5012723 2

kuid2 33404 5012724 2

kuid2 33404 5012725 2

kuid2 33404 5012726 2

kuid2 33404 5012727 2

kuid2 33404 5012728 2

kuid2 33404 5012729 2



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