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For TS2010 / TS2009 / Classics / TRS2006 / TRS2004

So that you can see the amazing addition that this waterfall set will make to your layout we have included a sample for you to experiment with.

  The sample contains one of our highly detailed waterfalls with full water animation and waterflow sound.


IMPORTANT! Please read

bulletWhen placing the waterfall onto your map it will initially be submerged below ground level. This is to allow you to vary the height of your waterfall to match your requirment. By leaving the bottom of the waterfall just below ground level and adding TRAINZ water you can create a sea-side or lake-front waterfall
bulletIf a number of waterfalls are placed IN CLOSE PROXIMITY the water (smoke) effect will start to thin and if too many are placed close together the water will eventually cut off. This reduces the load on the graphics card. While more than one waterfall can be placed together experimentation will dictate the quantity for the best result.


This download is free for your own use and may be distributed freely. However it may not be posted for download from any other internet web site or included in any commercial package without prior permission.
433kb sample_waterfall.cdp


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