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(See bottom of page for instructions)

For versions TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3


So that you can see the amazing addition that the cliff spline set will make to your layout we have included a sample for you to experiment with.

The sample contains two cliff types:

- A flat top cliff spline

- A sloping top cliff spline

Both sample splines come with one spline and can be added to and stretched as often as you like.

Buy the whole NATURE SERIES 2 sets and you'll receive nearly 1000 splines (including end splines & railway cuttings)

This download is free for your own use and may be distributed freely. However it may not be posted for download from any other internet web site or included in any commercial package without prior permission.
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If used with UTC requires Invisible track (kuid:67598:38001)
68kb kuid_67598_38001.cdp

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See below for instructions

bulletOnce installed the river splines can be found in Surveyor under

/ splines / SG_Cliffs

/ splines / SG_Cliffs_flat






These cliff splines are designed to assist the modeller in creating more realistic terrain than TRAINZ offers. However they cannot simply be "dropped" into place. To achieve the most realistic result, care and patience is needed when placing the cliffs and moulding the terrain around them. The more time spent, and care taken, in doing this will be reflected in a higher standard of presentation

While the merging is important it is also important to use your imagination and refer to real scenery to see how the cliffs can be mixed and matched to obtain very impressive and realistic cliff faces. Also, if you purchased the Cliffs/Ledges/Rocks combo, take time to look closely at the "Clifton" sample layout for inspiration, for ideas and for examples of what can be achieved with experience.


When inserting cliff splines the location of the "spline points" is important for height and position manipulation. If you cannot see the yellow spline lines, when in the Spline editing menu of Surveyor, you will need press Ctrl-O to toggle the spline points on.



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cliff-const1-500.jpg (51964 bytes) cliff-const4-500.jpg (56010 bytes)
STEP 1 Start by inserting a cliff spline section. (Each section is approximately 4.5 grid lines long)
STEP 2 Add additional spline sections. Mix the different splines randomly and avoid stretching a spline so that it auto-repeats.

(this step is not applicable for freeware sample as on;y one spline section available)

cliff-const5-500.jpg (64546 bytes) cliff-const7-500.jpg (57942 bytes)
STEP 3 Adjust the spline point heights up or down to match your terrain requirement
STEP 4 Using the "Plateau" button lift the terrain just above the top of the cliff. Create the plateau as close to the front of the cliff as possible without the terrain appearing through the front of the cliff.
cliff-const8-500.jpg (57942 bytes) cliff-const9-500.jpg (57185 bytes)
STEP 5 Using the "height adjust" tool with the smallest radius pull the terrain "plateau" down until the terrain just feathers the cliff slope face. Avoid a straight edge if possible (EXERCISE AS MUCH CARE AS POSSIBLE TO CREATE A SMOOTH OVERLAP)
STEP 6 Texture the terrain to merge in with the cliff terrain.


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To erase a cliff spline pick the spline at a point just in front of the top of the cliff (between the spline arrow heads)

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  1. When you first use enter Surveyor you may experience some delay with the Basic, End and Start sections appearing on your screen once placed. This delay is dependant on the speed of your hard-drive and the amount of content that you are loading into memory. ONCE ALL CONTENT HAS BEEN PLACED INTO MEMORY THIS DELAY WILL CEASE.
  2. If you want to start (or end) your spline close to the end of an "existing" spline, BUT DON'T WANT TO CONNECT TO THE EXISTING SPLINE, hold the "Shift" key down to keep them separate.
  3. When picking spline points close to existing splines (including track) hold the "shift" key down otherwise the spline point you pick will not work.

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