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For TRAINZ VERSIONS Classics 1,2,3 / TRS2006 / TRS2004

Thank you for choosing to purchase  TrainZone's combination CLIFF Spline / RAIL LEDGE Spline /ROCK Spline set

We know that you'll have lots of enjoyment and satisfaction incorporating these models into your TRAINZ layout



Please note that all items in the Cliff set, including the texture files, are copyrighted by Michael Sutton. In downloading this set you agree to use them solely for your own personal use and not to distribute copies to any other person. While TRAINZ layouts containing these add-ons can be uploaded to any site these items must not be included with the layout.


Software price:   

bulletNature Series 2 combo - CLIFF Spline / RAIL LEDGE Spline /ROCK Spline set:   US$24.95
bulletif you require a DVD please contact for pricing



While all orders will be replied to promptly please allow up to 24 hrs to process your download authorisation




For those who cannot use PAYPAL due to country restrictions an option available is to pay using WESTERN UNION. Please contact at e-mail below for payment address details.



To purchase Combo software

Cliffs / Ledges / Rocks

(Internet download)

Paypal - US$24.95

International Money Order (see below) Contact details
bulletNew Zealand US$24.95
bulletInternational US$24.95
Personal Cheque (see below) Contact details
bulletNew Zealand US$24.95
bulletInternational US$24.95


When ordering the combo set you will also receive the 16 board CLIFTON COUNTY layout which is a Sample route designed to show how to use the cliff splines for good effect. It will also give you many additional ideas of how they can be used to add more realism to your layout.

Please note that CLIFTON COUNTY makes extensive use of the NATURE SERIES 1 set (Waterfalls / Rivers / Textures) which are purchased separately. While Clifton county can still be viewed without these there will be items missing, most notably most of the textures)

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Once we have either received your payment or confirmation of your funds from Paypal we will e-mail you a password to access our download site.


If you do not have a Credit Card or do not wish to use PAYPAL then there are 3 other options

bulletMail an International Money Order to our postal address. Your download key will be e-mailed to you as soon as the cheque is received.
bulletMail a Personal Cheque. Your download key will be e-mailed to you as soon as the cheque is cleared through the bank. Allow 5 working days for New Zealand cheques and approximately 15 working days for international cheques.
bulletElectronic bank transfer. Your download key will be e-mailed once we have notification from our bank of your deposit. Contact mjsutton@xtra.co.nz for Bank Account details.
Postal address
103 Portia Street
New Zealand
Electronic mail
General Information: mjsutton@xtra.co.nz

Send mail to mjsutton@xtra.co.nz with questions or comments about this web site.
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