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For TS2010 / TS2009 / Classics / TRS2006 / TRS2004


So that you can see the amazing addition that the river spline set will make to your layout we have included a sample for you to experiment with.

The sample contains two river types:

- A sunken river spline

- A canyon river spline

Both sample splines come with one spline and one texture type but have transition pieces attached at both ends and can be added to and stretched as often as you like.

This download is free for your own use and may be distributed freely. However it may not be posted for download from any other internet web site or included in any commercial package without prior permission.
260kb sample_river_splines.cdp

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See below for instructions


WIth the sample download the river-bed is solid which, unfortunately,  makes it difficult to see when adding additional invisible track for running boats (but not impossible).  With the full river set you also get separate riverbanks and transparent water splines which make adding additional invisible track simple.



While the samples are updated to work in TRS2006 the following base instructions are for TRS2004 or earlier


bulletStart by experimenting on a flat base board
bulletYou'll find the spline on the "spline objects" panel located under the region "SG_River"

(SP1.3/UTC/TRS2004 only) 

(TRS2006 and later will require filters to be setup)

bulletPick a start point and drag the river spline out. You now have a simple river spline with both ends attached.
bulletTo add to the river spline stay in the "ADD" objects mode and select the spline point at either end of the spline
bulletNow drag you new river extension out.
bulletRepeat this process until you've created an experimental curving river.
bulletNow lets embed our river into the ground.
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bulletFor the sunken river spline type a value of 9.5 into the "Spline height" text-entry box.
bulletNow pick each of your spline points to drop the spline so that the rim of the river spline is just above the ground level
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bulletEnter a value of 10 into the "Height value" text-entry box
bulletSet your radius dial button to a minimum.
bulletTrace the circle along the approximate centre of your river to expose the river.
bulletPick the "height down" button (the top middle button on the panel) and push down the remaining exposed terrain.
bulletIf you have pushed too much terrain down at the edge of the spline enter a value of 0 into the "Height value" text-entry box to lift any edge terrain back up that may have been pushed down
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bulletExperiment with creating hills to cover the flat edges and merge them into the sloping river bank edges 

This is straight forward to use and needs little explanation.

Try experimenting on a flat base board with raising the terrain along the spline edge and then merging the terrain into and through the rivers edge. Try extending some hills into the water to create small beaches

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  1. If you want to start (or end) your spline close to the end of an "existing" spline, BUT DON'T WANT TO CONNECT TO THE EXISTING SPLINE, hold the "Shift" key down to keep them seperate.
  2. When picking spline points close to existing splines (including track) hold the "shift" key down otherwise the spline point you pick will not work.

Check out the ANIMATED WATERFALL page for free waterfall downloads

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