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For versions TRS2006 / TRS2004 / UTC / SP1.3


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Photorealistic models for every modeller from the beginner to the demanding modeller.
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For full list of Kuid numbers for waterfalls refer to Kuid registry

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"......First impression - Astounding!....Second impression - even more astounding!
Easy to use and very believable scenery with very little effort and not too much skill. If I can do it, then someone who knows how to make Surveyor fly will produce a masterpiece......I was amazed at the ease with which I could create an almost photorealistic scene with your waterfalls. A scene comes alive when an active waterfall becomes a focal point.....'" 

"Narrowgauge" Peter Pardoe-Matthews  (Climax creator)


.....After trying the animated waterfalls I can say you have created a set of objects that help route creators add an extra realistic dimension to their scenery. The sound and sight of the falling water is something special........

"Mate" (Alan Campbell)


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5 different waterfall styles
8 different textures

40 waterfalls

Single Overhang waterfall

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High Fall waterfall

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Double Fall waterfall

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Wide Fall waterfall

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Long Rapid waterfall

  waterfall5-1.jpg (91847 bytes)


Each waterfall contains breathtakingly realistic animated water flow that captured the feel and looks of a real waterfall.


The addition of sounds to each waterfall helps to bring the waterfalls to life. Different sounds have been applied to each waterfall with the sound being selected to match the individual style and type of waterflow.


There are five (5) different types of waterfall to provide for most modellers requirements. Each type of waterfall comes in seven (8) different textures offering a wide variety of choices.

While the set is primarily intended as a river waterfall, the waterfalls have been designed to be inserted onto your layout from the top point. This will allow the waterfall to be easily lowered into the ground to provide very realistic lake and sea-side waterfalls when used in conjunction with TRAINZ standard water system.

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This feature also means that all the waterfalls can be adjusted in height from major high falls to lower falls as per each modellers requirements.

The Waterfall set requires TRAINZ version SP3 (or later) to be installed for animation to function.




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kuid 47439:25643 (waterfall)

kuid 47439:21457 (matching texture)

(a copy of this waterfall and matching textures with the kuid 47439:25650   and kuid 47439:21993 are available from the Auran Download Station)




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